Autocompounding Pools

Note: autocompounding pools will be available on Athena in a future release.

Athena allows you to autocompound your deposited assets!

When you deposit into LP autocompounding pools that utilize Hummus, the rewards you earn are automatically swapped for the same underlying deposited assets, and added back into the pool.

For other pools (Locked ATH, xHUM staking, and providing liquidity): HUM rewards are converted into xHUM, and redeposited into the autocompounding pools. Any other reward tokens are automatically swapped into ATH and deposited into the autocompound LATH pool, which autocompounds your LATH rewards and auto-delegates your votes to the highest APR bribes. ATH rewards are also sent to the autocompound Locked ATH pool.

Autocompounding and Manual pools

On the Athena site, you can select which type of pool you want your assets deposited in: Autocompound or Manual.

To switch back and forth, simply click the desired tab.

Manual pools are what always had previously and require you to claim and compound your rewards. Whereas autocompound pools allow you to sit back and relax!

How Autocompounding Works

Autocompounding pools take the rewards from each pool, trade them for the underlying asset, and add them back into the pool. That means the original deposit value grows over time, instead of accruing separate rewards.

Example: By depositing in the USDC pool on Hummus, you earn HUM. When you deposit in the autocompounding USDC pool for Hummus on Athena, we're constantly taking your HUM rewards, trading them for more USDC, and adding them to your original deposit.

Our autocompounding pools utilize a community compound model to work. Each autocompounding pool requires a compound function to be called to trigger the compounding of rewards. Any user who wants to call this function is able to, and can receive some profits for doing so (read below)!

When this function is called, three things happen:

  1. Rewards for the pool are traded for the underlying asset

  2. A small amount of the rewards are paid to the compounder in METIS

  3. The rewards are deposited back into the pool along with the principal

The compound function takes some gas to call, and any user can call it. Part of the fee taken on the rewards sitting in compounding are given to the caller, to make their call worthwhile. These are paid out in METIS.

Moving to an autocompounding pool

If you're currently deposited in a manual pool on Athena, you can easily move to the autocompounded version of the pool. Open the pool you are in, then use dialogue to move over. After you complete the transaction you can refresh the page to see your deposited pool changed.

You can find details about switching pool types on its own page.

The Compound Page

Our Compound page shows all of our autocompounding pools, along with Compound buttons to trigger this function. Someone interested in compounding these pools can do so from the page. By default, only profitable pools are selected (meaning the rewards for compounding will outweigh the gas fee incurred). If you see a profitable pool on the page you can compound it and earn some METIS! Learn more about the Compound Page here.

Athena's Autocompounding Core Pools

There are a number of pools on Athena that include ATH rewards. We have a manual and autocompounded version of each. The autocompounded version of these core pools works a little different than our other autocompounded pools. We've broken those differences down in their own page: Athena's Core LP Pools.

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