Claiming Rewards

How to claim rewards

  1. Navigate to the Claim tab.

  2. Any pools with claimable rewards will be automatically checked for you. (You can uncheck to remove it from selection.)

  3. You can click "Compound" to have the protocol claim and stake your rewards, or "Claim" to send those rewards to your wallet.

What is compounding?

Athena makes it very easy to claim, convert (in the case of HUM) and stake your rewards.

You can do so from the Claim tab. When you click "Compound" for the first time you'll need to approve our contract using your rewards of HUM, xHUM, and ATH. Once approved you can compound those using the button.

Here's what happens when you click "Compound":

  1. We'll claim your rewards for all your deposits and staked pools.

  2. Your HUM rewards are converted to xHUM.

  3. We then stake your xHUM into xHUM staking and lock any ATH.

Utilizing the "Compound" button is a great way to maximize your return on Athena since your yield won't just be sitting there but will earn even more from single-sided staking. Learn more in Platform Rewards.

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