Hummus Exchange's governance and reward token for providing and staking liquidity. Athena Finance rewards users for converting their HUM to xHUM on our platform. We then take that HUM and stake it forever on Hummus, accruing veHUM and boosting stablecoin yield for our depositors.


Vote escrowed HUM is accrued as users stake HUM on the Hummus Exchange's platform. It is not transferable and is lost when unstaking HUM. The higher a user's balance of veHUM, the more they can boost their stablecoin yields on Hummus. Athena's #1 goal as a protocol is to accumulate as much veHUM as possible.


The governance and revenue-sharing token for Athena Finance. Users earn ATH by staking xHUM or providing liquidity for the protocol.


xHUM is minted by converting HUM at a 1:1 ratio. It can be staked on the Athena Finance platform to receive ~25% of our protocol revenue in the form of HUM. xHUM stakers also receive bonus rewards in the form of ATH.

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