Switching Pool Types

Note: autocompounding pools will be available on Athena in a future release. If you're currently deposited in a manual pool on Athena, you can easily move to the autocompounded version of the pool.

Moving to an autocompounding pool

If you are already deposited in a manual compounding pool, you can switch to its equivalent autocompounding type using our UI. To do so:

  1. Open the pool you are in

  2. Click "Migrate to autocompound"

  3. After you complete the transaction you can refresh the page to see your deposited pool changed

To move from an autocompounding pool to manual, do the same steps from the autocompounding pool.

Migrating Locked ATH

You can move your locked ATH in the manual compound pool to the autocompounding version. Before doing so you need to make sure your Locked ATH is not delegated on the Vote page. Set the votes to zeros, then open the Locked ATH pool and use the steps above to migrate.

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