Votes & Bribes

How to Vote

In order to vote, you will first need to have some Locked ATH. See the "Locking ATH" section for an overview of how to Lock!

  1. Navigate to the Vote tab

  2. Select the LP pools you wish to support

  3. Allocate your desired ATH amount for each pool (you can vote for numerous pools)

  4. Change your allocation at any time by simply adjusting your voting weights and clicking "Update Votes"

How to Get Bribes

Bribes are inherent to the voting process. You will notice on our site that certain pools have APRs displayed. These APRs mean that someone is bribing users to vote for those pools. So, all you have to do is:

  1. Vote for pools that have the highest APR

  2. Sit back, relax, and claim your bribe rewards! They will appear on the claim tab

  3. Adjust every so often as you see fit, or as yields change from pool to pool

What if some ATH Lockers don't vote?

Athena will always vote with our full veHUM voting power. Votes for the various pools will be distributed pro rata, based on how much Locked ATH was voted into each pool. Bribe rewards will be distributed pro rata to the active voters.

What's the Point of Voting & Bribes?

Voting Gauges are how Hummus determines the base APRs for their pools. Voters are able to vote for their favorite pools and/or protocols using their veHUM, or in Athena's case, using their locked ATH. The gauge weights determine how much HUM is emitted to each pool and hence, influence the APR for each pool.

Athena plays a large role in voting, and we encourage all of our users to participate!

Delegated Voting

Bribe APRs on Athena come from Hummus exchange and the bribes there. They can change quickly based on the reward rate and votes at the time! Unless you actively manage your voting power you may be missing out on some sweet rewards. The "Delegated Voting" pool solves this problem.

Athena allows you to delegate your voting to the protocol for management. We then automatically manage it for you, choosing the best pools to vote for based on APR rewards. We rebalance the votes daily, based on the rewards mix available. That means you'll get the best APR on average! Note: we take a small fee for covering the costs of rebalancing.

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