Locking ATH

Locking your ATH grants you access to ATH rewards, protocol revenue sharing, and bribe rewards from Hummus.

Lock ATH to earn rewards from our protocol revenue. Locked ATH is also used for voting on Hummus Exchange's gauge weights and new asset listings. Voting earns Locked ATH users even more rewards. Read more on voting here.

Locked ATH

Locking is super easy. Locking your ATH adds it to your locked stockpile. It will remain locked until you decide to unlock it. While locked, you will receive all locking rewards, plus be able to vote and receive the bribe APRs from whatever gauges you vote for.

How to unlock ATH

You can start the unlocking process at any time. You’ll select how much ATH you’d like to unlock, and then add it to an unlocking slot. Your ATH will unlock after 4 weeks. During those 4 weeks, you’ll receive the APR for locking ATH, but will not be able to vote or receive APR from bribes. After 4 weeks, you’ll be able to claim your unlocked ATH and do with it as you’d like.

Voting and Bribes

  • ATH lockers receive voting power to make decisions on the Hummus platform, based on Athena's veHUM balance

  • ATH lockers that vote receive any bribes for doing so

  • ATH lockers receive the rewards from locking ATH

How do I Lock ATH?

  • The minimum lock period for ATH is 4 weeks. Once locked the user can start the unlock process.

  • Users can choose to unlock and withdraw their ATH tokens once the 4-week period is over.

  1. Navigate to the All Pools tab

  2. Click on the Locked ATH pool

  3. Click on the Lock sub-tab within this pool

  4. Enter in your desired Lock amount

  5. Approve the contract

  6. Click "Lock"

  7. Your ATH will be locked indefinitely, until you begin the Unlock process. Unlocking ATH takes 4 weeks. See below for more details on Unlocking

How do I Unlock ATH?

  1. Navigate to the All Pools tab

  2. Click on the "Unlock" sub-tab

  3. Entire in your desired Unlock amount

  4. Click "Start Unlock"

  5. Unlocking will take 4 weeks. You will receive ATH emissions and revenue sharing during this time, but you will not receive bribes

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