Below we breakdown how Athena Finance works with the Hummus Exchange to boost your DeFi yield on METIS.

Hummus Exchange

Accrue veHUM

On Athena, users are able to convert HUM to xHUM. Once converted, the protocol automatically stakes it on the Hummus platform. By staking this HUM, the platform accrues veHUM.

Boost stablecoin yields

Accruing veHUM allows Athena to offer attractive stablecoin yields for depositors. The stablecoin yields on Athena will be higher than the base yields on Hummus, due to the veHUM balance that we will have accrued. Athena's platform, similar to Convex, will charge a 20% performance fee for all stablecoin yield generated. A majority of this performance fee is redirected back to xHUM stakers, providing the xHUM token with significant value. The remaining performance fee will be redirected to users who lock Athena's native token: ATH.

Add even more rewards with ATH

ATH is the native token for the Athena protocol. ATH is used to help incentivize HUM conversion and liquidity providing. Check out the Tokenomics section to learn more about how these emissions occur.

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